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Excellence in Caregiving

Started in 2006, WeCare365 evolved from consulting to direct service provider to Care Delivery and Training Organizations.

We are expanding based on demand primarily from Care Delivery and Care Worker Training Organizations, Care Receivers, and Caregivers.

WeCare365 develop and implement:

  • Custom-designed tools and systems to support every aspect of the care delivery operations ecosystem and critical service gaps.
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end non-clinical operations solutions for Care Delivery and Training Organizations in selected geographic regions for Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain.
  • Achieve excellence in performance and efficiency of the Care Delivery Organization with uncompromising quality standards for the Caregivers and Care Receivers through advanced training, systems, and tools for real-time management of services and emergency events.

Our Solutions & Services

WeCare365 empowers Caregivers through transportation, training, real-time data records,
and debriefing with Care Managers at the point of care.
WeCare365 enables Care Receivers to get the best quality of life care.

Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain

State of the Art Fleet & Crew Configuration delivering the most efficient and cost-effective scheduling and GPS-driven solutions.

  • Safe, secure & timely transportation of Caregivers for assured patient services on time every time.
  • Real-time logistics management to respond to changes in service requirements on the go.
  • Manage on-demand critical supplies for caregiving.

Caregiver Professional Readiness

Advanced training in quality-of-life caregiving practices for accredited caregivers.

  • Human Behavior & Management of Caregiving Relationships
  • Effective Communications
  • Caregiving Organization, Techniques & Planning
  • Data-driven Care, Tools & Systems
  • Caregiving Decision-Making & Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for Care Delivery
  • Risk & Crisis Management

Care Receiver and Caregiver Network

Support services for registered members for training, placement, transportation, and supply chain.

  • Care advisory and referral services for WeCare365 registered Caregivers and Care Receivers
  • Turnkey operations planning and execution services for care agencies.
  • Conduct independent and on-demand QAPI (Quality Assurance Audits and Performance Improvement Projects) for Aging in Home as well as for agencies and care administrators

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